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  2. The HTTP Content-Security-Policy (CSP) upgrade-insecure-requests directive instructs user agents to treat all of a site's insecure URLs (those served over HTTP) as though they have been replaced with secure URLs (those served over HTTPS). This directive is intended for web sites with large numbers of insecure legacy URLs that need to be rewritten
  3. Upgrade Insecure Requests is a CSP (Content Security Policy) directive that allows you to indicate to HTTP clients/browsers that all resources must be accessed via HTTPS. This allows you to migrate more easily to HTTPS websites or webapps that contain a great number of HTTP-declared resources. Your resources will automatically be requested on HTTPS by the client/browser, without any mixed content alert
  4. A client's request signals to the server that it supports the upgrade mechanisms of upgrade-insecure-requests: GET / HTTP/1.1 Host: example.com Upgrade-Insecure-Requests: 1. The server can now redirect to a secure version of the site. A Vary header can be used so that the site isn't served by caches to clients that don't support the upgrade.
  5. Upgrade Insecure Requests via .htaccess or meta tag to prevent mixed content - .htacces

Hey :) I see the following issue when doing every operation with instapy: The Content Security Policy directive 'upgrade-insecure-requests' is ignored when delivered in a report-only policy I am running in headless and without loading. The HTTP header Upgrade-Insecure-Requests is a request type header. It sends a signal to the server expressing the client's preference for an encrypted and authenticated response, and it can successfully handle the upgrade-insecure-requests HTTP headers Content-Security-Policy directive

The upgrade-insecure-requests Content Security Policy directive . A server MAY instruct a user agent to upgrade insecure requests for a particular protected resource by sending a Content-Security-Policy header that contains a upgrade-insecure-requests #upgrade-insecure-requestsReferenced in: 1. Introduction 1.2.1. Non-navigational Upgrades 1.2.2 Content-Security-Policy: upgrade-insecure-requests is not available in IE browsers. Users on this browsers will not only get the warning but, the requests to embedded objects will never be promoted to HTTPs as well. Enter Content-Security-Policy Report. Content-Security-Policy offers 2 flavors of implementation

Home › Forums › General issues › Unrecognized Content-Security-Policy directive 'upgrade-insecure-requests' This topic is empty. Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total Die Richtlinie für HTTP- Content-Security-Policy (CSP) upgrade-insecure-requests weist Benutzeragenten an, alle unsicheren URLs einer Site (die über HTTP bedient werden) so zu behandeln, als wären sie durch sichere URLs (die über HTTPS bedient wurden) ersetzt worden There are plenty of ways you can mix and match directives and source expressions, but one standout Content Security Policy is upgrade-insecure-requests. In layman's terms, this prevents mixed content errors, and loads every resource via HTTPS. The recommended way to add a CSP is via the header at server level

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Migrate easily to HTTP with the Upgrade Insecure Requests

  1. add_header Content-Security-Policy upgrade-insecure-requests; Prevent user agent from loading mixed content. upgrade-insecure-requests: Instructs user agent to download insecure resources using HTTPS. referrer: Define information user agent must send in Referer header. report-uri: Specifies a URI to which the user agent sends reports about policy violation. report-to: Specifies a group.
  2. Content Security Policy. CSP is a HTTP response header that allows you to define a whitelist of sources that the browser is allowed to load content from. This can include preventing the browser from loading assets over an insecure scheme, or, to upgrade any insecure requests to a secure scheme before making the request. You can read my blog, Content Security Policy - An Introduction, if you'd.
  3. Upgrade-Insecure-Requests - HTTP MD
  4. Upgrade Insecure Requests via

The Content Security Policy directive 'upgrade-insecure

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  4. Fix mixed content issue with Content Security Policy

Unrecognized Content-Security-Policy directive 'upgrade

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Migrating from HTTP to HTTPS? Ease the pain with CSP and HSTS

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